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Rhonda’s Virtual Office, LLC welcomes guests to join us in bringing valuable and unique content to our readers that will aide them in making day to day decisions in running their businesses from start-ups to the already established SMB or entrepreneur’s. We aim to talk to the business owners, CEO’s, presidents, office managers, and other decision makers or management who are seeking new and innovative ideas as well as the tried and true. The idea is to bring ideas, concepts, tools, tips, and trends that work. Obviously, since we are a virtual assistant business it is also our goal to teach our readers how utilizing a VA can make their life easier.

Our client base is in the United States or local to us here in Cincinnati and we aim to serve and target content to this market, however; we realize that there may be really valuable content outside of our target market zone. Keeping that in mind we are open to considering content from other than our target market zone, however; all content must be in English and relevant to our target market and as with all content will be considered on a case by case basis. We reserve the right to refuse any content without giving justification.

All of the subject topics below must conform to meet our specific target audience.

Not limited to …

These topics can be how to’s, tips, tricks, trends, DIY, outsourcing (hire a virtual assistant/professional), lists, and if you have an idea not listed here we’d be happy to consider it. Content may be in written form, infographic, PPT’s, pretty much any content form as long as it is approved by our editorial team.

  • Business Blogging
  • Content Creation
  • Calendar Management/Scheduling
  • Email Marketing
  • Email Management/Organization
  • Project Management
  • Product/App/Book Review
  • SEO
  • Scams/Frauds/Hacks/Alerts
  • Social Media
  • Software/Tools/Equipment
  • WordPress
  • Working with a Virtual Assistant/Desktop Publisher/Administrative Consultant/Project Manager/Web Designer
  • Must be in English
  • Well-written and high-quality
  • Original content
  • Please edit your work
  • Useful and valuable content for our readers that reflects the writing style/tone of our site(s)
  • Max of 2 anchor text links within your content to your website
  • Properly attribute any outside sources (data, quotes, images, etc.)
  • Length should be as long as is needed to be to be high quality content. If written content is really long there is a possibility of doing parts.
  • Written posts should be submitted in Word/Google doc format
  • Other content if possible should be submitted in an editable format. If this is not possible please email our editorial team with your questions/concerns.
  • Image files attached separately
  • Authors may submit original or personal photos, graphics, diagrams, etc. to be used within the text (please attach in a separate document your attribution information ). If you choose to utilize images that are free for use or purchase you must follow proper licensing guidelines. We will not accept images that are free or purchased that have been altered. Please attach an attribution document separately listing each image file name, attribution information, license link and/receipts, as well as a link to where you got the actual image. If any of this information is missing we will not use your image.
There is no monetary compensation for a guest post. You will be able to post your author bio, a photo of yourself (no logo’s), your company name, your position, and a link to your website. We want personal bio’s and photos as we want to keep the feel of our site welcoming . Personal bio’s should be kept short. If you should become a regular contributor to our blog we will add you to our author area on the back end at which point you will also be able to post your social media links.

You are the intellectual property owner of your content, but …

We are not a content dump site. Your content must be original and not posted elsewhere on the web. It will be hosted on our site, YouTube channel, or other with a link back to your site. If we find that it is posted all around the web we will remove your content from our site(s).

Your content may also be distributed via our newsletter, The VA Source or other email marketing campaigns.

We retain the right to edit content, spelling, grammar, reformat, add links to our own sites if appropriate in a natural way to the content, etc.

Rhonda’s Virtual Office, LLC reserves the right to refuse to publish any works submitted for review for any reason, which it is not obligated to disclose to the guest author. Reasons we might reject a guest article, but are not limited to the following:

  • To salesy, pushing products/services, marketing
  • To many spelling or grammatical errors
  • Not in English
  • Not relevant to our readers
  • Falsifying facts/inaccuracies
  • Copyright infringement
  • Already posted elsewhere on the web

Rhonda’s Virtual Office, LLC also reserves the right to remove any published content without prior notification or explanation to the guest author.

We reserve the right to change these terms at any given time and it is your responsibility as a guest author to stay informed. Please review them periodically if you have content on our site or elsewhere with us or are planning on submitting content with us.

By submitting guest authored content for review, you are agreeing to the terms outlined in our Guest Post Policy. For questions regarding guest authoring or guest content on Rhonda’s Virtual Office distribution site(s)/channel(s) please contact