We are committed to providing thorough and skillful virtual assistant services with the utmost integrity, the highest ethics, and to providing quality services.

Rhonda Holscher, Owner|CEO

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for stopping by. I’m really excited you’re here and I can’t wait to share with you what we can do for you here at RVO. We really do have a great team of virtual assistants, website designers, graphic designers, and more. I want you to meet them all so please keep scrolling to learn more. 


RVO Owner|CEO - Rhonda Holscher


RVO Company History

Rhonda started RVO in February of 2010. In the beginning we were mostly a typing and transcription service, but with the demands on today’s businesses we’ve grown our expertise to meet the needs of your business. Rhonda’s Virtual Office is a virtual assistant services business today and offers a variety of services from admin to eMarketing. Your RVO team runs their virtual office with the utmost integrity and highest level of business ethics. RVO has several years of administrative assistant experience working with …

  • CEO’s
  • vice president’s
  • non-profit organizations
  • the construction industry
  • the trucking industry
  • environmental landscape companies
  • food retail industry
  • author’s
  • speakers
  • coaches
  • mentors
  • nurses
  • doctors
  • lawyers
  • other virtual assistants
  • and more …

Your RVO team of virtual assistants are independent and self-motivated professionals who are organized and detailed-oriented. We are dedicated and focused, able to prioritize and complete multiple tasks, and follow through to achieve project goals. We provide thorough and skillful virtual assistant services to all organizational levels.

RVO Fun Fact

Rhonda chose the rose and the color red to represent Rhonda’s Virtual Office. Upon choosing the colors she was instantly drawn to these elements and did a lot of research into color theory. Yes, red is taking a big chance for a business. Some people see red and feel anger, but not Rhonda and she knew if she implemented it properly she could make it work for the business. 

The rose is a symbol of deep passion and love while the color red is also a symbol of deep passion and love it is also the color of empowerment and Rhonda is deeply passionate about her business. She loves serving others and in doing so is not only empowering them but empowering herself and her team.